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My top 80 songs of twentythirteeeen

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There is no weeping,
there is no sorrow,
‘casue you’re holding me now 
there’s no rules to follow
I know who you are now
i’m running a different way
so overwhelmed
by you Jesus

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happiness. in musical form.

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tumblr. needs a ‘you have already reblogged this’ notification


Liu Bolin chooses a background before covering himself in paint to ensure he matches it perfectly, so when he is snapped standing against that backdrop, it can be almost impossible to tell he is there.

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An ever growing playlist of my favourite classics (mostly from 10+ years ago - but not strictly)

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I’m looking for a short film (7-15min) to share as part of our Christian group on campus. (something for non-believers). Story of Jesus, something inspirational, what it means to be a Christian. Anything like that. Ideas? Suggestions?

I might have said too much…
A better life is waiting..
And what is done is done.
Piece together what’s been broken.

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Check out this beautiful, original song by my friend.

Be Blessed xx

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May everything I say and do point only to You